Welcome toCinderella Daycare Center

Every parent wants their child to grow up well-rounded, respectful and creative. Raising children to become their best is not an exact science but rather it greatly involves being role models for our children. During their formative years, we must surround them with individuals, educators and role models who share the same values as your family does.

At Cinderella Daycare Center, we work with parents in raising young children to become the best they can be. As educators, we also act as role models and consider ourselves to have extended parenting responsibilities. We focus on giving your child the early childhood education they require so that they will be prepared for higher school years. They are exposed to hands-on activities that help them learn the academic building blocks by experience. Most of all, they have a great time making friends and learning alongside peers their age.

We care about your child’s early childhood experience just as much as you do. Enroll your child at Cinderella Daycare Center today!

The purpose of Cinderella Day Care Center is to provide a warm, nurturing, and safe environment for children to grow and develop skills that are essential to their future. We make it our mission to help support families raise their children in preparation for a higher level of learning, ensuring the children can face new challenges head-on with confidence and pursue their ambitions without hesitation.